Winner OPC was started in 1959 by the Elders and families of Westminster Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Hamill, SD. As a result of their work and prayer, we became an established congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination on June 27, 1964. 

Since that time, the church has had the following nine pastors: Abe Ediger (1964-7); Robert Sander (1967-71); Glenn Jerrell (1973-6); Gerald Taylor (1978-82); Lawrence Eyers (1982-88); Arthur Fox (1988-92); Stephen Hart (1993-96); Terry Thole (1998-2010); and Brad Irick (2011-present).

Our desire as a congregation is to glorify God by exalting the Lord Jesus Christ through worshiping according to the Scriptures, building-up other believers, and reaching-out to the world with the glorious good news about Jesus Christ. 

The Gospel declares that Jesus, the Son of God, came into the world to save sinners and that all of those who turn from sin and trying to save themselves with "good works" and trust in Jesus Christ alone for salvation are saved from the wrath of God, forgiven of their sins, declared righteous in God's sight, and given eternal life. 

Winner OPC is overseen by a group of Elders called the Session and served by a group of Deacons called the Diaconate. The men in these offices are listed below. 

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Rev. Brad Irick, Pastor
Rocky Blare
Jon Hansen
Rusty Blare


Brad Watzel
Charles York
Jack Schuyler
Lance Hespe